January 29 – February 02, 2025 | ESSEN

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The Snowdance Independent Film Festival is the most nationally and internationally acclaimed “new” festival in Germany. Snowdance special guests were the well-known national actors Heiner Lauterbach, Til Schweiger, Götz Otto, Nora Tschirner, Axel Milberg, Ursula Karven and many others. Snowdance is made by dedicated filmmakers for dedicated filmmakers and their audiences. It offers neither a red carpet nor a VIP corner. But it’s a meeting and melting point for actors, directors, producers and all sorts of people who are interested in film.
Snowdance prefers films that are not dominated by the influence of television networks or major studios. It sees itself as the most important German festival for independent, free-thinking filmmakers. Supported by important creatives from the German film scene, Snowdance has developed into one of the hottest and most passionate indie film festivals in Europe in its first eleven years.