Ruhr Film Award (2023)

The Snowdance Independent Film Festival and WAZ announce a competition for the best film from the Ruhr area. Apply now to win the “Ruhr Film Award”. There will be a winning film, a second and third place, which will be presented at the Snowdance Independent Film Festival awards ceremony in Essen, Germany, on Feb. 01, 2023.

Submission criteria

The film must have a connection to the Ruhr area, i.e.: at least 50% of it must have been shot in the Ruhr area and/or at least 50% of it must be set there and/or the team must largely come from the Ruhr area. The film must not be older than 2 years. The film does not necessarily have to have been produced “independently”, but can also have been made as part of a standard film production. It can be either documentary or feature. It can be a short film (maximum 25 minutes) or a feature-length film (60 minutes or more).


The main prize is a media package worth €10,000 from Funke Medien NRW GmbH as well as a screening of the winning film in a cinema in Essen.


Submission deadline Ruhr Film Award: 02.12.2022
Participation is free of charge for the submitters.
Please register the submission early using the following link.