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  • Documentary – 87 min – Sweden 2023
  • With: Viktor Fredbäck
  • Director: Emilio Di Stefano
  • Production: Paul Blomgren
  • Language: English, Swedish, English subtitles – 18 years and older
Nominiert für Best Documentary

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A road movie documentary that follows a jeans hunter in search of the rarest jeans in the world. Viktor Fredbäck is a normal man from Sweden, but with a strange and burning passion for old jeans. After fifteen years of collecting, he has an almost complete timeline of jeans, from the first Levi’s jeans from the 1870s to flared jeans from the 70s. One hundred years of jeans history. But one pair is missing, a pair from 1880. And you won’t find these jeans in a Swedish second-hand store, you have to look for them in America. The film accompanies Viktor on his wild journey through the deserts of California and the snow-covered Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where he searches for jean treasures in dangerous, abandoned 19th century gold mines. But danger lurks not only in the gold mines, but also in other collectors who are after the jeans he is looking for. On his journey through the old American West, Viktor meets a number of unusual characters such as Indiana Jeans, Dynamite Dan, Cookie Monster and the denim archaeologists Mike and Russ. A fast-paced adventure – witty, creative and humorous.

About the director

Emilio Di Stefano is a documentary filmmaker and journalist based in Gothenburg, Sweden. He worked for several years for the Swedish public broadcaster SVT as a TV producer and documentary reporter. “Denim Hunter” is the first documentary film he has directed.