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  • Documentary – 70 min. – Germany 2023
  • With: Marcel Oelbracht, Karina Oelbracht, Christian Classen, Caro Scheidler
  • Director: Martin Miron – Written by: Benjamin Braun, Nadine Basten
  • Production: Katalin Kochanski, Lukas Gardemann, Martin Miron
  • Language: German, English subtitles – 18 years and older
Nominiert für Best Documentary

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“King Of The Night – Life Between Sound And Noise” is a movie about a man who sacrifices everything to get to the top. This factual entertainment documentary sheds light on the challenges Marcel overcomes on his path to success. This includes his difficult childhood, his marriage and his struggle for recognition in the industry, as well as his unquenchable thirst for success to this day.

About the director

Martin Miron is an award-winning director from Düsseldorf and a creative genius. He began his career as a DJ and worked as a designer. His experience in combining music and aesthetics to create an authentic story is what makes his work so unique. Since 2015, he has dedicated himself entirely to filmmaking as a director. He shoots brand stories with a focus on fashion, lifestyle and beauty. His aim for each project is to create art with a special twist.