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  • Documentary – 81 min. – Germany 2023
  • With: Philipp Petruch
  • Written & directed by Philipp Petruch
  • Production: Philipp Petruch
  • Language: German, English subtitles – 18 years and older

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The climate crisis shows that our economic system has led us to a dead end. The effects are particularly noticeable for the people who secure our livelihoods every day – the farmers. In search of alternatives, filmmaker and activist Philipp Petruch sets off on a journey to three so-called SoLaWis. These projects work according to the principles of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and pursue a clear goal: with the help of communities, they want to create a local supply cycle that is based on the values of the common good and ecology.

About the director

Philipp Petruch is a filmmaker and assistant director based in Berlin, Germany. From 2010 – 2015 he studied film, theater and media studies in Vienna. He largely taught himself the practical side of filmmaking. In 2019, he developed the idea for his first documentary film “Sharing the Harvest”, which he directed and produced. As a backpack filmmaker with a small team, he financed the production independently with the help of crowdfunding, NGOs and other partners. Philipp loves to make impactful films that tell stories of inspiring people and contribute to social change