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  • Documentary – 52 min. – Germany 2023
  • With: Christian Bergmann, Matthias Bergmann
  • Written & directed by Susanne Hensdiek
  • Production: Susanne Hensdiek
    Language: German, English subtitles – 18 years and older

Screening times

  • 27.01. – 5:00 pm – Sabu – + Heimatfilm by Marion Kellmann, 17 min. – Buy ticket
  • 31.01. – 11:00 am – Lichtburg – Buy ticket


Two brothers, twins. Monozygotic. One is an actor, the other works for the municipal utilities. As a child, one is healthy and strong, the other sickly and weak. When they are 17, they realize that Matthias only has one kidney, which has since failed and poisoned him for years. Christian gives him his. A film about two very similar and yet different brothers, humor, a twin relationship and an organ donation.

About the director

Born in Gütersloh in 1975, Susanne Hensdiek came to camera assistance via the editorial path in radio and newspapers (e.g. WDR, Teuto TELE Bielefeld). From 1997 she worked at Television Aktuell as a (later leading) camerawoman and editor. She has been working as a freelance camerawoman since 2005.