The Osram Monologues (2023)

Die Osram-Monologe
Werte und Werte des Künstlers

“The actor wins the heart, but he does not surrender his.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Acting – is that a real profession? Isn’t it just something you do as a hobby?” Every actress and actor has probably been confronted with this or similar questions. Yet it is one of the toughest professions and would be almost unbearable for most people. You are constantly confronted with your primal fears, you are judged, evaluated, sometimes humiliated and categorized. Eighty percent of gamblers cannot make a living through their profession. And yet the attraction is so strong that you put up with all this for it. What power can be so strong?

The profession of an actor is not only a profession, but a vocation. This becomes very clear in the documentary film by Tom Bohn “The Osram Monologues”. The inner shouting of the protagonists can be heard quite clearly by the audience. After the documentary we would like to talk with you about “value and values of the artist”. How to gracefully market yourself as an artist.

The Osram Monologues

Documentation plus Live Panel

DATE: February 3, 2023 – February 3, 2023 | 19:00
LOCATION: Luna at Astra Theater

Bo Rosenmuller
DIRECTOR: Bo Rosenmüller