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Entertaining ❄ ❄
Thrill ❄ ❄ ❄
Horror ❄ ❄
Emotion ❄ ❄ ❄
  • Feature film – 132 min. – USA 2023
  • With: Laura Benanti, Chris Galust, Mariel Molino, Dylan McTee
  • Director: Tyler Chipman – Written by: Tyler Chipman, David Purdy
  • Production: David Purdy, Jack Ludden
  • Language: English – 18 years and older
Nominiert für Best Feature Film

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After the loss of his father, a grieving twenty-something struggles to keep his family together while his older brother is haunted by an unspeakable darkness.

About the director

“The Shade” is Tyler Chipman’s first feature film as writer and director. Over the past ten years, Tyler Chipman has worked in commercial, documentary and narrative film. An award-winning screenwriter at the New England Institute of Art, he began his career at Gradient Films in Salem, MA, as a writer and director. As a freelancer, he has produced a range of web content, corporate videos and commercials for companies such as Thermo Fisher Scientific, HP Hood and Harpoon Brewery. He has written, produced and directed two award-winning short films: “Hush” and “The Shade” (2020).