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Thrill ❄ ❄ ❄
Horror ❄ ❄ ❄
Emotion ❄ ❄
  • Feature film – 100 min. – USA 2023
  • With: RJ Mitte, Rebekah Kennedy, William Mark McCullough, Candice Rose
  • Director: Vincent V. Shade – Writer: Jennifer A Goodman
  • Production: Jennifer Karum, Ryan Atkins, Jordan Ancel, Vincent V. Shade
  • Language: English – 18 years and older

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“The Unseen” follows Tommy Olson (RJ Mitte), who keeps seeing things. He can’t recognize what it is, just like what he told the police that fateful night when this fatal accident happened. Tommy can’t shake off the thought that he has been haunted by a darkness since that night and that an invisible presence is following his every move. He has the feeling that he is being pushed into a dark puzzle that he doesn’t want to put together because he might be the last piece.

About the director

Vincent V. Shade, who had his breakthrough as an international film director (“The Unseen” starring RJ Mitte), developed his love of storytelling through the animated series he watched as a child. He writes “The Ramp” with comic legend Chuck Dixon (creator of BANE, Batman, Nightwing, Robin). Video games are another major inspiration for Vincent’s filmmaking. He currently runs the “best video game podcast” according to Urban Media Makers, the “Heroes of Gaming Podcast” with over 1,000 downloads a day (350K+). With his combined love of writing, genre filmmaking, comics and games, Vincent V. Shade is a natural world builder who is an encyclopedia for every character and story he creates.