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Entertaining ❄ ❄
Thrill ❄ ❄ ❄
Ambition ❄ ❄ ❄
Emotion ❄ ❄
  • Feature film – 90 min. – Belgium 2023
  • With: Jenne Decleir, Manon Verbeeck, Kris Cuppens
  • Director: Oscar Spierenburg, Tobias Spierenburg – Written by: Oscar Spierenburg
  • Production: Willemijn de Krey
  • Language: Dutch, German subtitles – from 18 years

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Lucas, the publisher of famous author Robbe Hendrickx, appears to be leading a double life under the pseudonym of bestselling author Wolf Jacobs. But what if the real wolf had been dead for a long time? When Wolf’s new book is about to be published, everything is turned upside down. An unknown adversary tries to prevent the book from being printed. Slowly the truth comes to light. Who is Wolf Jacobs really? The answer to this question ultimately leads to the revelation of a dark secret from Wolf’s past.

About the directors

Alias Wolf” is once again co-directed by brothers Oscar and Tobias Spierenburg. Oscar (*1981) is a Dutch artist and self-taught filmmaker. At the age of twenty-six, he moved to Belgium, where he directed several Flemish films and did post-production work for external producers. The Spierenburg brothers’ feature film debut, “Vanitas”, was well received and awarded at international festivals and was released in Flemish cinemas and on Streamz in 2016. Tobias Spierenburg (*1977) is a painter, director and composer. Tobias made his debut in 2014 with his short film “Rêverie”, co-directed “The Spring of César” and composed the film music for both films. As with other examples in the film world, the unique bond between brothers is a perfect foundation for the realization of a creative vision.