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  • Documentary – 96 min. – USA 2023
  • Director: John Daniel Fisher, Stephen Andrew Fisher
  • Production: Stephen Andrew Fisher, John Daniel Fisher, Jay Pitts
  • Language: English – 18 years and older

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Since 1921, the Miss America Pageant has been an iconic institution, inspiring women and men alike. By awarding scholarships to its participants and playing a pioneering role in aid organizations around the world, Miss America has paved a humanitarian path. In recent years, increasing cynicism and public controversy have brought the once celebrated event into disrepute and called its future into question.

About the directors

John Daniel Fisher is the managing director and owner of Fisher Films. Daniel’s journey into the world of film began at the University of South Carolina, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Media Arts with a minor in Film Studies. Daniel and his brother Stephen founded Fisher Films in 2011 out of their shared love of filmmaking.

Stephen Andrew Fisher is a multi-talented artist and co-founder of Fisher Films. He is a filmmaker, actor, storyteller and his passion for the art form is evident in all aspects of his work. Stephen’s passion for theater began in high school and then quickly expanded into the film world when his brother (Daniel) involved him in everything film related while he was a student at the University of South Carolina.